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E • 3,992 words • Post-Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Blood and Violence, Hate Sex, Dubious Consent

“What is that?” Loki can’t stop staring at Thor’s head.


“A grave for the world. For you. For things I can no longer grasp.”

E • 21,032 words • Post-Avengers (2012), Post-Thor: The Dark World, Mutual Pining, First Kiss, First Time, Hurt/Comfort, Angst with a Happy Ending

“He is away.”


“Did he die?”


It chokes a laugh from Thor, hoarse. “Yes.”


The boy doesn’t linger long on the subject. Thor sees the father shift his weight to his other foot, waiting.


“Did you beat the elves?”


Thor smiles softly down at him. “Yes.”


“Cool.” The boy looks over to his father when he hears his name called. “Sorry.”


Thor doesn’t know why he’s apologizing, he’s just a child. But then he is running back to his father and hugging his leg. Thor watches them go.

M • 2,608 words • Alternate Universe – Human

“Why me, though,” Loki rushes out. “I’m just your brother. I’m not your girlfriend, I’m not anybody.”

T • 2,725 words • Jotun Loki, Arranged Marriage, First Meetings as Kids, Coming of Age

The boy comes to live with them when Thor is just beginning to learn what the twist of storm clouds feel like when you can’t sleep and your thoughts are preoccupied. He distinctly remembers feeling his back popping when he first lays eyes on the boy, roughly his own age, perhaps a few years younger. Thor feels like his bones are too big for his skin, and he grimaces at the boy more than anything else in way of greeting.


“His name is Loki,” his father booms in explanation from where he towers above them.

E • 5,477 words • Alternate Universe – Human, Mutual Pining, Hurt/Comfort, Light Angst

But they do not do this often. They cannot. He won’t risk Thor’s life.


He doesn’t much care about his own, one way or another.


And besides, Thor moved away a long time ago.


Loki didn’t see the point in following his brother.

M • 2,645 words • Jotun Loki, Asgard, First Meetings

Loki is finally old enough to train.


The warrior rite is long and difficult. It will take years. He will bleed. He will cry. He will be broken and come out stronger. Or he will die.


Laufey gives him a hug all the same, a final farewell after such harsh words.


But Loki has heard them since he was very young and has anticipated this day for so long he can feel nothing but great excitement. Hope.


And, as he waves at Laufey and Farbauti on the rear of the wagon that carries him from his homeland, he feels valued too. He will bring honor to Jotunheim, and remind the First Realm of Asgard what its old allies still rear in the cold lands.


Promise, glory, and strength.

M • 2,046 words • Jotun Loki, Angst and Hurt/Comfort

That moment the snap of the whip rings loud throughout the yard and Thor sees Loki on the ground, back torn in a fresh red strip, baring his teeth. He snarls and a string of foreign words spill from him, vicious and spitting and fast.


“Oh,” Thor mumbles. Tyr begins screaming at Loki. Hauls him up and pushes him back toward the prisons. Thor feels ill. “Oh, he is Jotun.”


Hogun nods, suddenly somber. “Yes. And that makes him Prince Loki of Jotunheim.”


Oh, Thor thinks.


“Let’s find someplace else to break fast,” he suggests. Hogun follows him gladly.

E • 2,757 words • Comic Canon Universe, Intersex Loki

“I’ll follow you to kneel before Odin’s high seat,” Thor goes on. “Let him see I’ve claimed you for my own. For the rest of our long days.”

M • 2,067 words • Jotunheim, Asgard, Reincarnation, Magic, Hurt/Comfort, Manipulation

There is a slash on Loki’s throat.


Thor presses his fingers tight against the wound and calls the Bifrost.


Heimdall does not answer.

T • 1,111 words • Seidr/Magic, Mermaids kind of, Shipwrecked

He kissed Thor.


He was already whispering the runes they needed as he withdrew his dagger.


Thor didn’t look away from him, bared his throat.

T • 1,003 words • References to Norse Religion & Lore, Angst and Hurt/Comfort

Loki takes a step forward. Thor takes a step back.


Thor will not touch him.

E • 4,481 words • Jotun Loki, Mpreg, Mildly Dubious Consent, Jotunheim, Intersex Loki

“But you are with child,” he starts, confused. “This must be a cruel joke. If you are wed and expecting an heir, why are you here?”


Loki looks at him like he’s stupid. Then he stands, pushing close enough to tangle his hands about Thor’s neck, dipping into the hair at his nape. Loki smiles and it’s cruel. Then it’s kind. Then it’s fearful. Thor isn’t sure which is right.


“A first tryst, unforeseen consequences. That is all it is.”


Thor is careful not to press against his abdomen much, small though the swell is. Something about the way Loki says it sits oddly within him.


“You are willing then, to be here? Doing as the common folk are expected?”


It stings. Thor can tell. “Are not all bastards, princes, and heirs subject to the will of their fathers? It is my honor, my duty, to provide for the Thunderer, the Prince of the golden shroud. Does that not make me willing?”


Thor can tell it does not. But he thinks on Odin’s command. Of his mother’s cold eyes.


He will not risk a lasting peace.

E • 2,545 words • First Time, Fight Sex, Canon Compliant, Thunder and Lightning, Light Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending

It’s not five minutes after Loki sees him in his rooms after returning that Thor is being pulled into a fight.


Loki lands the first hit and it’s more a surprise to Loki than anything else, Thor thinks.


His brother stumbles back as if shocked, fist unclenching where it hangs in the air. His mouth drops open and Thor sees him try for words several times before he realizes he’s stuttering and promptly shuts up.


“Thor—” he finally manages before being thrown back onto the ground.

Thor’s tackle sends him sprawling.

E • 1,089 words • Dom/sub Undertones, Light BDSM, the dumb kneel slogan but make it sexy

Thor leans in close, whispers the words hot against his jaw. “Try to shove me to my knees tonight again and see what happens, dearest brother.” Then he smirks and heads off, cape rustling with each step.


Loki tries not to look too flustered. He adjusts his collar and turns back, intending to go to his study. The heat from Thor’s neck burns his hand all the way there.

M • 5,346 words • Jotun Loki, Mutual Pining, Intersex Loki, Hurt/Comfort, Jotunheim, Falling In Love, Arranged Marriage, First Kiss

“I know you. You slaughter us.”


“That is the past,” Thor tells him.


He’s large and wears a gold circlet about his neck. “Why are you here, blight?”


Thor gestures to the many large books spread out before him. “I am researching. Something I should have done before I ever set foot on your realm.”


The Jotun grunts. “Unlikely it would have rendered a different result. Angrboda,” the man says. “I’m the keeper of the palace. After that business with Laufey’s seed, the others left to the wastes.”


“I was wondering at how quiet it is.”


“I’d take quiet over bloodshed any day,” Angrboda tells him matter of fact. “Where is the runt, now? I hope you plucked his eyes out.”


Thor shrugs. “Not exactly.”

M • 2,124 words • Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence, They’re Kids, References to Norse Religion & Lore

There is a boy with long tangled blond hair beneath the bridge beside the palace.


He is dirty. And his wrists have scars. And his hair is in dreadful need of a chop, Loki thinks. He is thin too, and Loki thinks on that some nights. Papa had always told him there were no poor people in their kingdom. But what other explanation was there for the boy beneath the bridge beside the palace?


Loki has not told anyone his secret.

M • 5,197 words • Religious Imagery & Symbolism, Fallen Angel Loki, Human Thor, Alternate Universe – Angels & Demons, Manipulation

There is a point when the sun is creeping below the far away hills that he sees the human in the doorway again. He is holding cloth, folded as if a satchel and fear clings low. He knows what it is before Thor even enters the room.


“Take that infernal ash away.”

E • 5,753 words • Jotun Loki, Intersex Loki, Falling In Love, Emotional Hurt/Comfort

His punishment is simple. That he live without the use of his, or any other’s seidr, until he realizes the path he must walk.

M • 1,462 words • Alternate Universe – Human, Astronauts

Anyone else and there would have been mistakes.


He never allows for it. He can’t.


Not when it comes to Loki.

M • 2,621 words • Post-Apocalypse, Alternate Universe – Human, Angst with a Happy Ending

It began with a flash of light.

M • 843 words • Angst, Pining

The last hunt they take together, Thor kisses his mouth. Softly.

M • 3,745 words • Jotun Loki, Mutual Pining, Courting Rituals, Jealous Thor

“I will see this done, you damnable creature,” came the murmur from Thor beside him. Loki almost flinched.


“You will marry. And you will father a child. If that does not stir heart within that ice box of a chest, I know not what will.”


As Odin struck the golden floor with mighty Gungnir, sound ringing throughout the hall despite the whole of Asgard gathered within, Loki finally, finally closed his eyes.

E • 884 words • Post-Avengers (2012), Voyeurism, Masturbation, Imprisonment

Thor cannot bring himself to speak to Loki. He fears if he hears his voice he will either weep or bring Mjolnir down upon the cage of Loki’s ribs. Silence rendered from the shame of the love he still holds for Loki, or silence rendered by Loki’s death. Either or, it is not a good place to be caught.


It is on the ninth month he hears Loki speak anything other than failed attempts at charms and curses and cruel, vicious insults and threats. Nine months and Thor hears his name on his brother’s lips and oh, it is a dangerous thing there coiling in his chest.


And when Loki cries out in a way that tells Thor exactly what it is he is not seeing, something dark and languid and wrong snaps apart in the deepest part of himself.

M • 665 words • Jotun Loki, Arranged Marriage

“I trust this engagement has withstood the time of decades long enough, Aesir lord.”

E • 1,581 words • Implied Torture, Imprisonment, Post-Avengers (2012)

“I love you,” Thor once told him.


Loki had stared.


“Do not say stupid things.” And there had been such vicious bite in his voice.

M • 1,091 words • Implied Mpreg, Jotun Loki

It still amuses him how Thor knows so little of Jotnar.

M • 2,606 words • Snow Sports, Avalanche, Angst with a Happy Ending, Alternate Universe – Human

“What if it was bad? What if you couldn’t get out?” Loki knew that Thor could hear the underbelly of his tone. He was serious.


“I would keep digging.”