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Thought had become a tooth and bitten. -Destiny 2: Forsaken: Mara, Tyrannocide I

name: Gray

age: 30

pronouns: he/him

zodiac: Capricorn

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! I’m Gray/boltplumart/boltedfruit/mrhiddles. You probably know me from my fic writing (which is why I made this site), or my art.


I made this site to have an archive of my fan fiction and fanart that I’m in total control of. So if for some reason AO3 or another art site goes down, my stuff won’t be lost. I’ll still post on AO3, but this serves as a backup. I’ve also added the ability to subscribe to a newsletter so you’ll still be notified when I post a new fic/chapter, and register for an account so you can talk to each other and comment on fics! (Guests can comment too!) I’m currently debating adding a forum feature, and some other community stuff too.


I’ll only be posting my SFW art on this site. If you visit my shop, you can browse my NSFW in various PDFs for a few dollars each. Or you can join my Patreon.


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