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Arthur/Eames Fics

Collecting my Dream Husbands aka Arthur/Eames fics.


M • 5,023 words • Meet-Cute, Military, Pre-Canon, Pre-Inception, Flashbacks, First Time

And he’s not like Cobb. He knows what’s real and what’s not. Real life stings of inconsistency and change and stubborn refusal to adapt. Unreality is riddled with idealisms and fantasies, loves lost still there in front of you waiting to be touched and taken and laughed with.


Eames is another passerby on the street, and so spares him but a glance before going about his busy subconscious day.

E • 2,737 words • Voyeurism, British Politics, British Military, Royalty, Alternate Universe – Historical, Post-World War II, Monaco Grand Prix, Alternate History, Flirting

Prompt: Voyeurism


It’s 1957 in post-war Monaco. Eames convinces Dom to throw one of his and Mal’s famed parties filled with drink and debauchery, insisting that he meet someone new. Then he meets Arthur.

M • 2,730 words • Secret Saito Gift Exchange 2018, Sick Character, Fluff

For the 2018 Secret Saito Gift Exchange.


“Despite the heinous nature of your endlessly enduring patience for what you consider to be utter bullshit,” he says, starting after Arthur at an easy gate, “I am not put off by your proposition of our first date.”


“Not a date.”


“Keep telling yourself that, love.”

M • 1,060 words • Canon-Typical Violence, Mild Hurt/Comfort

It started with a bomb.