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Tags and Ratings

This page will be regularly updated.


I am going off the rating system AO3 uses. I interchange M and E a lot. Please heed the warnings.


Suitable for all ages, contains little to no disturbing, violent or sexual content, and no or mild bad language.

Teen and Up

Suitable for those aged 13+, contains moderate violent and/or sexual content, including strong language.


Suitable for those aged 18+, contains strong disturbing, violent and/or sexual content and often includes constant strong language.


Only suitable for adults, very strong violence and/or sexual content.

Main Tags

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These are the main themes in most of my fics. Each fic will have specific tags on their individual page.

Fics involving noncon elements, though rare, will be tagged as such with an additional warning icon beside each title.

  • No Upside Down
  • Post Starcourt
  • Fluff
  • Angst/Hurt/Comfort
  • Substance Abuse
  • AU – Historical
  • Soulmates
  • Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics
  • AU – College
  • First Kiss/First Love
  • First Time
  • Jotun Loki/Intersex Loki
  • AU – Human
  • Psychological
  • Dubcon
  • Noncon
  • Time Travel/Time Loop
  • Spooky Vibes/Monsters/Possession
  • Arranged Marriage
  • Prompt Fill
  • Complete
  • Not Complete/Still Updating