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lie to me, pretty boy

6,061 words • 1 work • Ongoing • Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms, Dirty Talk, Sexual Roleplay, Post-Season/Series 02, Pre-Season/Series 03, Feminization, Period Typical Attitudes, Pining

E • 6,061 words

Steve hates lies. Steve hates bullshit. Steve hates when the two coalesce into something heart deep and painful.


So he doubles down after the fiasco of Tina’s Halloween party and thinks what better way to move on than revel in the pain that chains him.


“But why?” Hargrove watches him smoke like it’s a gem he’s just unearthed, new and his to appreciate. “It’s gotta hurt like a bitch, making them lie to feel good for a while.”


Steve shrugs. He’s tired and wants to go to bed. He wants to finish this smoke and grab another cup of something bitter and stinging to forget the rest of the night. He’s still hard, and he’s annoyed he couldn’t get off with Carol. Annoyed more that she couldn’t come up with a reason to want him.


Annoyed that Hargrove, of anyone on earth he could have told this to, seems to understand it at its baseline.


“Sometimes you gotta lie to feel good at all. Sometimes nothing else works, because pretending now and then makes the rest of it feel a little less fake.”

Horror October Challenge

2,804 words • 6 works • Ongoing • Prompt Fills, Spooky Vibes, Horror, Violence, Possession, Monsters, Werewolves, Witches, etc~

T • 799 words

Billy whimpers. “I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to hurt you again.”

M • 297 words

Two things.


The first: a bite.


The second: a break.

T • 334 words

The others all chose more typical familiars. Cats, toads, owls. But Steve’s never been one for typical.

E • 962 words

Billy clenches his teeth.


“Want some?” Harrington asks, pulling his plump, sinful lips from the straw and using two fingers to scoot the glass over. “It’s chocolate.”

T • 267 words

He needs Steve to know he’s sorry.

T • 145 words

Wheeler’s dying.

Small Time Bad

3,037 words • 2 works • Complete • Fights and Knives, Post-Season/Series 02, Power Play, Billy Hargrove Being an Asshole

M • 1,140 words

Steve says, “If you’re not gonna walk away, Billy, finish what you fucking started.”

M • 1,897 words

Harrington slaps his angry hand away. Gets his palm on Billy’s shoulder. Then it’s in his hair and Billy recoils, stomach pulsing as Harrington holds his hair away from his sweaty neck.


It feels good.


13,441 words • 2 works • Complete • Post-Season/Series 02, Enemies to Friends, Fluff and Angst and Smut, Enemies to Friends

M • 8,147 words

Steve reads the note that greeted him in his locker again. Reads it three times.


Lunch just started. He has forty-five minutes to get in line and get a good tray, one of the ones with a sandwich that’s made with not stale Wonder Bread and a fresh apple. If he leaves now he can have that. He can have that for himself, and he deserves it. Because the last couple months have been a lot, frankly, and he deserves some nice fluffy Wonder Bread and a nice crunchy golden delicious, and if he leaves any later, even thirty seconds from now, he won’t get any of it.


But then he reads the note again. It’s scribbly writing so bad it’s kind of hard to decipher. But he’s stared at the thing for five minutes now and knows there’s some irony here.


Girl’s bathroom. Right fucking now.


But the note isn’t the worst part.


It’s the little blocky BH it’s signed with.

M • 5,294 words

If Buckley had turned out to be that hopeful little light in the dark, Harrington was a goddamn flamethrower.


And by that, Billy meant he was a giant, irresistible, fucking mess of a bad idea he couldn’t not indulge. Dangerous. Something he shouldn’t want to touch, or even could.


And every time he got close, he got burned.


E • 9,763 words • 1/? chapters • Post-Season/Series 04, Fix-It, Alternate Universe – Time Travel, POV Multiple, Post-Apocalypse, Divergent Timelines, Billy Hargrove Lives + Redemption, Slow Burn, side ships include ronance and eddissy, this fic will be my magnum opus

A year after Vecna rips the town in half, El comes to them with a theory.


That theory doesn’t send Steve and Nancy down into the gate—no, that was already a part of the plan. But it does make them think there might be more to Vecna and the Upside Down world he made. Especially when the plan hits a snag, Steve falls through the portal, and ends up in July of 1985 in the path of Billy Hargrove’s camaro.


And that’s only the beginning.


“Which means,” he says, taking a breath, eyes never widening past slits, “that my nasty dude has an inherent weakness he doesn’t want us to know about.” They’re all waiting with baited breath for him to continue.


When he doesn’t, Steve prompts, “Which is?”


“Real simple, my guy. Supergirl is saying he’s bridging the gap when he invades our mind spheres. Comprendo? He’s sharing bandwidth. Guy’s mooching our cable ‘cus he’s got shitty dish.”

E • 6,657 words • 2/? chapters • Alternate Universe – Medieval, Middle Ages, Alternate Universe – Historical, Steve Harrington’s King Steve Persona, POV Steve Harrington, Steve Harrington & Dustin Henderson Have a Sibling Relationship, Protective Robin Buckley, Blood and Violence, Protective Steve Harrington, Billy Hargrove Redemption, Hurt/Comfort, Captivity, Mildly Dubious Consent, Angst with a Happy Ending

He picked a small red flag from the board before him, rolling it between his index and thumb. He turned, sitting much of his weight on the table.

“This flag has marked your stronghold for months. We knew where you were, we were only waiting to see how far you would take this war before revealing what you truly wanted.”


“And what is that?” Hargrove asked. “What is it that I’ve craved to have since I left your soiled kingdom?”


“Atonement, perhaps. Indemnity was suggested early on, but for what, I wondered? What financial restitution would a knight want for? You were paid as handsomely as any of my men, and yet here we are.”


“So you don’t even know.”


“No. But I have a theory.”


“And what is your theory? Don’t dither.”


Steve walked to him, and placed the red marker on top of the wool. Hargrove blinked down at the thing.


“Punishment.” Steve didn’t flinch when Hargrove snapped his gaze back to his. “You wish to be punished, and so you will be.”

E • 1,530 words • 1/5 chapters • Substance Abuse, Addiction, Insomnia, Future Fic, Billy Hargrove Lives, Billy Hargrove Tries to Be a Better Person, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Sex Addiction, Falling In Love, Eventual Happy Ending

Fifteen years after the summer of ’85, Steve goes to California seeking Billy’s help.


He can’t sleep. – It’s been a lot of years since Hawkins, since high school, since old hurts and old heartbreaks and monsters.


It feels like yesterday, feels like this morning, feels like two seconds ago and Steve got the number from Max that afternoon and it’s taken him only as long as the ten minute drive home before he’s gotten through to the other line. To the person he wants.


“I can’t sleep.” He breathes in. “She said you can help. Said—said you fix people like me. Can you help or not?”


And maybe because it’s been a lot of years since a lot of old, terrible, wonderful things, but Steve’s definitely ruined mind maybe whispers back, “Can do, Harrington. Can’t say this isn’t a shock the size of Massachusetts, but I have an opening next—“


“No,” Steve says. “Now. Tonight.”

E • 76,009 words • 16/16 chapters • Slow Burn, Childhood Friends, Friends to Enemies to Lovers, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Alternate Universe – No Upside Down, Billy Hargrove is a Mess, Robin Buckley & Steve Harrington Friendship, Mental Health Issues, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Angst with a Happy Ending

Billy moves in next door on Steve’s tenth birthday. They grow up thick as thieves, sharing everything. When they become old enough to date…they turn to one another for practice.


“Since it’s us. Since I’m not Tina, and you’re not—you’re just you. It doesn’t count if we—if we practice.” Billy turns to face him, even though Steve can’t really make out his face yet in the dark. “Right?


Steve’s heart rate picks up. “Right. Yeah, that’s right.”

M • 21,818 words • 18/18 chapters • Harringrove Big Bang 2021, Post-Season/Series 03, Billy Hargrove Lives, Protective Steve Harrington, POV Steve Harrington, Alternate Universe – Mental Institution, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Post-Battle of Starcourt (Stranger Things), Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism

Forced into mandatory therapy after a bout of self destructive wallowing following the destruction of Starcourt, Steve shows up expecting some lame doctor touting self care. What he doesn’t expect is for the weekly meetings to be in a group setting, or that they might actually be helping.


That is, until he leaves another routine weekly session, only to bump into the next patient. Who he finds is Billy Hargrove—very not dead—standing across from him.


Billy doesn’t seem to recognize him, he doesn’t talk, and to make things worse, the doctors won’t let Steve leave.

E • 9,076 words • 3/3 chapters • Jennifer’s Body AU, Blood and Violence, Possession, Mutual Pining, Canon typical violence, Blood and Gore

Steve is kissing Tommy.


Billy stands at the mouth of the stairs, stunned and watching them. There’s like, tongue and shit. Billy hates it. He fucking hates it.


He wants to throw up.

M • 15,224 words • 5/5 chapters • Post-Season/Series 03, Billy Hargrove Lives, Dreams and Nightmares, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Fluff and Angst, Coming of Age, Robin Buckley & Steve Harrington Friendship, Mutual Pining, Sleep Deprivation, Panic Attacks, Steve Harrington Needs a Hug

Two years ago, before everything, so many things, it had been him and Nancy and Tommy and Carol and Barb and beer and cigarettes and a boombox. It had been a starry night and a cloudless sky and a cut hand and then the first time he’d ever made love. Two years ago he’d have called himself sappy. He would have called himself cool. He would have called himself not a coward.


Today, his usually empty house is filled to bursting with friends and food and a scary movie marathon and it feels like nothing’s changed since Starcourt exploded and burned down from a faulty gas line.


Today, Steve calls himself lonely.

M • 23,208 words • 3/3 chapters • POV Joyce Byers, POV Steve Harrington, POV Billy Hargrove, BAMF Joyce Byers, Neil Hargrove Is His Own Warning, Protective Steve Harrington

The man rounds the front of the car, gets his hands in the kid’s shirt and hauls him up straight, slams him against the door. Jabs a finger in his face and that’s when Joyce locks eyes with the kid.


He looks scared.


And Joyce sees Jonathan then, before Lonnie decked him in the cheek the first (and last) time and, god, she wants a goddamn cigarette.


She walks over, unwinding her arms.


T • 1,521 words • Christmas Fluff, Established Relationship, Snow Shenanigans

He doesn’t argue with the mittens. Just gives Steve a look.


“I’m used to it. You aren’t.”


“I’ve been here two years, Steve. I can handle a little cold.”


“Then why are your lips blue?”


Billy touches his lips, sees Steve smile fondly.

E • 7,847 words • Violence, Murder of Minor Character, Choking, Dissociation, Grief, Guilt, Angst, Dubious Consent, Alternate Universe – No Upside Down, Mental Health Issues, Rough Sex, Protective Steve Harrington

It happens on the shore. In the surf.


“Don’t want to push my luck.”


Harrington smiles a winning, beatific, smug prick of a smile. Leans in close and magnetizes Billy into his orbit, gives him a supersized dose of oxygen. Billy is Billy again and he tries to mirror the look. The pleased self-assuredness.


“Then let me push it for you,” he whispers and Billy is nodding, is gone, is fucked in the head.

M • 4,184 words • Future Fic, Billy Hargrove Has a Crush on Steve Harrington, Divorced Steve Harrington, Past Steve Harrington/Nancy Wheeler, Soft Billy Hargrove, Blow Jobs

Twenty years later, they meet again in Pizza Hut.


“You looked like you needed company.”


“Did I?”


Blue eyes take him in. Drink him down. Another shrug. “You still do.”

M • 9,340 words • Post-Season/Series 03, Pre-Season/Series 04, Ghost Billy Hargrove, Billy Hargrove Tries to Be a Better Person, POV Billy Hargrove, Steve Harrington Has Bad Parents, Grief/Mourning

Billy has twenty-four hours to atone for all the bad he’s done, then he can fuck off and float away to wherever the hell heaven is.



M • 6,540 words • POV Steve Harrington, Letters, Five Years Later, Post-Battle of Starcourt (Stranger Things), Post-Season/Series 03, Ambiguous

You can’t mourn what haunts you.

E • 3,629 words • Dubious Consent, The Fight Scene, Season/Series 02, Rough Sex, Enemies to Lovers

Billy reaches out, jabs a finger under Steve’s chin to get his mouth closed. It works, if only out of surprise.


“Beg, pretty boy.” He holds Steve’s chin. His thumb strokes his cheek, pinches the skin some. Steve wants to bite his finger off. “Then maybe I won’t break your ass in two. Maybe I won’t give everybody a reminder of what it means to lie to me, every time they look at what used to be pretty boy, King Steve Harrington. King of the cow shit.


“For the kids, Steve tells himself. Over and over again.


Otherwise he’ll do something he’ll probably regret.


“Please, Billy,” he grits out. “Please leave. Your sister is safe here, I promise. I’ll do whatever you want.”

M • 13,592 words • POV Steve Harrington, Groundhog Day, Time Loop, Alternate Season/Series 02, First Kiss, Coming Out, Mutual Pining, Comfort/Angst, Enemies to Friends to Lovers

Will Byers didn’t die. El closed the gate and Steve kept the kids alive. Then Steve wakes up the next day to do it all over again…and again, and again. Until one morning, Billy shows up at his door saying he’s been living the same day over too.


“You know then?” Steve asks him, staring him down.


Billy’s eyes shift between his face, his shirtlessness, and then back to his eyes.


“Yeah. You gonna let me in or what?”

T • 2,247 words • Harringrove April, Pre-Relationship, Good Babysitter Steve Harrington, Protective Steve Harrington

“Not exactly. Way I see it, now my car’s all dirty from me stopping to help.” He shrugs to make his point. “I almost didn’t stop. You can thank Max for that.”


“Yeah, I got it. Daddy Harrington not a fan of water spots on his son’s prized beamer? Figures.” But he’s sighing, slumping a little as the grit lessens from his frame. The tension gone from him. “So what, you want me to wash your car?”


“Yep. My dad has a power washer you can use.”


“God you’re such a fucking prep.” But Billy is wiping more hair from his face as he tosses it over his shoulder. He shields his eyes from the downpour. “Think I could borrow it after? You know, for mine?


Steve smiles. That’s what he’d been thinking in the first place.

T • 1,847 words • Harringrove April, First Kiss, Basketball, Fluff

Demodogs have nothing on an angry seventeen year old with a god complex.

E • 241 words • Drug Use, Party, Billy Hargrove POV

Everybody’s got addictions.

E • 1,823 words • Humiliation, Voyeurism, Public Sex

Steve watched Billy. Billy watched Steve.

T • 1,626 words • Fluff, First Kiss, Bisexual Steve Harrington, Gay Disaster Billy Hargrove

“Get in line,” Billy says. “You’re freaking out over a kiss? Just a kiss?”


He gets a glare. “Yes!”


“And you’re asking me because?”


“Well, because! You’re…gay.”


Billy leans in close, whispers, “No way!”

T • 2,333 words • Halloween, Falling In Love, First Kiss, Billy Hargrove Lives, Period Typical Attitudes

Steve is drunk, it’s Halloween, and he lost Billy in the crowd hours ago.


“You remind me of all the dead people in this town,” Steve says to the new guy, the new asshole, Billy Hargrove.

M • 4,487 words • Neil Hargrove is His Own Warning, POV Maxine “Max” Mayfield, Gay Billy Hargrove, Billy Hargrove & Maxine “Max” Mayfield Bonding, Protective Steve Harrington

She’s just turned thirteen when she sees Neil hit Billy for the first time.


She runs away.


Her heart is in her throat. She can’t breathe.

M • 3,108 words • Parental Jim “Chief” Hopper, Billy Hargrove Has a Crush on Steve Harrington, Marijuana, Falling In Love, Period Typical Attitudes

“Whoa,” says Harrington from right against his ear. He flinches, turning back to see the guy leaning inside the window. Billy draws his arm back. “Who knew?”


Billy frowns. “Who knew what?”


Harrington smirks. “That you’d look so good in glasses.” He flicks the bottom of the frames, nail skimming Billy’s cheek and making his world blur in the process before it goes clear again. “They suit you.”

E • 6,625 words • Pets, First Love, Intercrural Sex, POV Billy Hargrove, taking care of a kitten together

Billy almost crashes his car, finds an abandoned kitten, and ends up raising it with Steve.


It’s a little life in his hands. And the small twisting, nagging feeling itching beneath his skin is the same as the one that made him pick up that bag in the woods in the first place.


“I know you’re not a bad guy, Billy,” Harrington mutters, like he’s been thinking about it. Billy expects to meet his eyes, but Harrington is looking at the cat. “She can stay here no problem. She’s yours. I’m just helping out.”




Harrington shrugs. Knocks a knuckle against Billy’s knee. Like that was normal.


“I like helping. Makes me feel good. Like I’m doing something meaningful with my life. Kind of the only thing I’m good at.”

E • 2,102 words • Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Scent Kink, Alpha Billy Hargrove, Omega Steve Harrington, Miscommunication, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Mating Rituals, Angst, Mutual Pining

Billy tells Steve he’s not really an alpha, but rather an omega. Steve has a hard time accepting it. Billy offers to teach him how things work.


The principal called Steve into his office that morning to introduce them to each other. Said they’d be a perfect fit. Billy licked his lips when Steve took his offered hand. Billy shook hands like someone told him the harder the better.


Billy smelled like honey and aftershave. Smelled sweet and bitter in turns.

E • 2,773 words • POV Steve Harrington, Massage, Intercrural Sex, Billy Hargrove Has a Crush on Steve Harrington

Steve gives Billy a massage after practice.


“This feel that good, huh?”


Billy swears. “H-Harrington. Get the hell off me.”

T • 1,262 words • Post-Season/Series 03, Billy Hargrove Lives, Prompt Fill

Billy dies. Billy wakes up.

M • 1,115 words • Prompt Fill, Sexual Tension, Roughness

Billy moves to Hawkins circa season 1 and meets Steve.


Harrington bats his books out of his hands when they pass each other on the way to lunch and it makes Billy smile. Makes him laugh, sudden and shocked. Nobody fucks with him.


“Oh,” Harrington purrs, looking concerned. “You should really watch where you’re going. Wouldn’t want anyone to step on your toes.”

G • 673 words • Pre-Relationship, Alternate Universe – Flower Shop, Meet-Cute, Prompt Fill, Fluff, Florist Billy, Language of Flowers

Steve needs flowers. Billy is a florist.

M • 1,059 words • Possession, Billy at the pool with his evil demon elbow, Begging, Light Angst, Protective Steve Harrington

“Billy. You got attacked by something—something else right? Something happened?” Billy’s eyes snap to his, the blue swallowed by black. “Yeah. I know what this is. I can help you.”


“Nobody can help me,” he says. He claws at the black veins lancing his arm. “It doesn’t want anyone helping me. I’m a goner. A fucking goner, Harrington.” When Steve tries to touch him again, Billy snatches his wrist in a bruising grip. “Get the fuck. Away from me.”

M • 1,170 words • Alternate Universe – College/University, Implied/Referenced Drug Use, Partying, First Kiss, Billy Hargrove makes bad choices and Steve is here to say stop it

Billy blinks and the guy’s holding up a syringe.


It’s different. It’s delectable.

T • 825 words • Established Relationship, Fluff, Adoption

So it’s almost a good thing that Steve wakes up first. Because it’s the social worker’s name bright on Billy’s screen and it’s seven in the morning and Steve’s heart soars as his stomach plummets. This call is everything. It’s everything.

M • 5,732 words • Soulmates, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Coming Out, Spin the Bottle, POV Steve Harrington

Everyone has a soulmate mark that disappears once they’re touched by that person. Steve’s is on his cheek. Billy’s is on his sternum. Then they have their fight.

E • 4,001 words • Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Scent Marking, Alpha Billy Hargrove, Omega Steve Harrington, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Brat Steve Harrington

Steve goes into heat when Billy pulls up to school. Billy’s the only one who can help him, or so Steve says.

M • 906 words • Prompt Fill, Falling in Love, First Love

Steve endures Billy’s moods. His silences. His rage.

T • 836 words • Prompt Fill, POV Billy Hargrove, Fluff and Mild Angst, Steve Harrington is a Sweetheart

Billy’s lost his mother’s necklace.

T • 3,448 words • Fluff and Humor, POV Steve Harrington, Scoops Ahoy, Bad Flirting, Wingman Robin Buckley

Billy’s become somewhat of a summer problem for Steve.

E • 1,882 words • POV Steve Harrington, Season/Series 02, Rough Bathroom Sex, Hate Sex

“Piss off!” he yells, but it comes out a sad whine.


The knob turns and the door swings wide. Steve has to step back to avoid being hit.


He sighs, because it’s just his luck. “Tonight’s really my fucking night, isn’t it?”


Billy Hargrove sweeps blue eyes over him, head to toe. He closes the door behind him.


“What the hell happened to you?”

E • 1,563 words • Fighting Kink, Flirting, Breathplay

Billy only had to look at him wrong.


Steve only had to jerk his chin, choosing not to back down.


It happens in the locker room. Months after the tunnels, and only a few weeks left before Summer. Steve had been daydreaming about swimming.


Billy strides over to Steve in front of his locker, takes a fistful of his hair before Steve’s got his arms up, and breaks his nose on the hard metal.

E • 3,565 words • Vampire Steve Harrington, POV Billy Hargrove, Blood, Biting, Semi-Public Sex

Steve laughs. Sips at his sweating beer. “What’s the point of growing up if you can’t get in a little trouble sometimes?”


Billy huffs at that. “Me and her have seen enough trouble to last four lifetimes, pal.” He watches condensation fall in thin rivulets as Steve raises the beer bottle back to his mouth. His lips are red, cherry red, Coke can red, too in line with the themed my mother never wanted me so I got angry red. “She can do with a break.”


“Sounds rough.”


Another wave of heat, cloying. Billy tugs at the collar of his shirt. He shouldn’t have worn a sweater. He catches Steve’s eyes on the movement, on his hands, tugs a little slower and sees Steve watch that too.

T • 3,857 words • POV Steve Harrington, Post-Season/Series 03, Fluff and Humor, Murray gives them The Talk that he gives everyone, Sharing a Bed

They find out Billy’s alive shortly after they get Hopper back. Now, separated from the group with Billy in tow, Hopper tells Steve he and Billy can lay low for the night at Murray Bauman’s place. Murray does what Murray does best.


“Harrington, why the hell’s it so dark?”


“You sleep with the lights on?”


“Not once I’m in bed, Jesus.”


Steve had already adjusted to the dark, so he watched as Billy palmed the wall for the switch, found it, laid eyes on Steve on the floor, cramped and like he was waiting, and promptly turned the lights back off.


“You took your clothes off, Harrington.” he stated, casual.


Steve was newly blinded by the lights. He blinked against the dark, squinting to focus. “I’m not about to sleep in my jeans, so yeah.”


“Why’re you on the floor?”

M • 6,369 words • POV Billy Hargrove, Fighting Kink, Light Angst, Roughhousing, Pining, Insomnia, Stalking

Billy starts forward, wanting up in Harrington’s space, wanting his doe-eyes on him, wanting him to know how fucking feral Billy can really be, given the chance.


But Harrington levels him with a stare so cold Billy just–just stops. It’s Harrington who gets in Billy’s space and it’s Harrington who’s getting Billy looking at him and it’s–it’s not what Billy wanted.


“Touch me again, Hargrove,” Harrington murmurs to him, slow and deliberate and all dark fire, “And I’ll break your goddamn fingers.”


It’s the first time Harrington’s looked at him in a week and Billy wants to fucking hide.


31 Days of Steddie Halloween Horror

43,195 words • 31 works • Complete • 31 Days of Halloween, Each Chapter is a One Shot (With Some Exceptions), Horror, Body Horror, Dark Steve Harrington, Dark Eddie Munson, Noncon, Dubcon, Vampires, Demons, Psychological Horror, Blood and Gore, Manipulation, Paranoia, Control Issues, Pre-Relationship, Established Relationship, Supernatural Elements, Time Loop

E • 7,443 words • Psychological Horror, Dismemberment, Monsters, Creature Fic

Day 1 Prompt: Buried/Trees


You are safe in my forest. Nothing will hurt you so long as you love it.


Steve ignores the voice. Tells himself he’s lucky it’s not multiple voices.


Please keep going.


He does. He tries.

M • 4,091 words • Poisoning, Body Horror

Day 2 Prompt: Poisoned/bleeding


The bleeding starts again. Eddie sighs, reaching out for the paper towels Steve’s been unrolling for him all night.


But this time when he brings it up to check the damage, he stills.


His blood is black.

E • 3,235 words • Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Noncon, Dubcon, Dark Steve Harrington, Manipulation, Abuse of Authority, Sociopathy, King Steve Persona if he never grew out of it

Day 3 Prompt: Capture/Arrest


“From King to cop. How the mighty have fallen,” he taunts.


Steve stops at the bars. He’s chewing gum like an asshole. He watches Eddie with hooded eyes.


“Shut up, Munson.”


“Get a judge to give me a gag order and maybe I’ll try.”

E • 877 words • Phrogging, Voyeurism, Paranoia

Day 4 Prompt: Phrogging (When someone starts living in your home as the same time as you without you knowing.)


He hears sounds in the attic sometimes. Ones he never heard before two months ago.


Sometimes the amount of peanut butter or cereal is lower than he first thought. Sometimes there’s a dish in the sink he doesn’t remember using.


It’s not his memory failing him. He’s got a hangeron. An invader.


He thinks it’s a guy. The girls he’s known wouldn’t do something like this. Sneak into someone’s house and live there in secret while it was already occupied.

T • 842 words • Time Travel, Implied Time Loop, Missing Persons,

Day 5 Prompt: Missing


That summer before freshman year, Steve’s face was everywhere.


Posted around town in store windows, on telephone poles, the newspaper. Eddie remembers eating cereal every morning and having to stare at Steve’s face on the milk carton.

E • 3,081 words • Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Noncon, Dubcon, Kidnapping, Manipulaton, Dark Steve Harrington, Omorashi, Control Issues, Unrequited Hate

Day 6 Prompt: Cage/Basement.


He watches a spider crawl around its web before letting his eyes drift to the heavy bolted plate that bears the chain.


It’s new.

M • 1,951 words • Drug Addiction, Sobriety, Angst with a Happy Ending

Day 7 Prompt: Scratching/Insects


They chant King Steve, and Eddie falls a little in love.


But first, another hit.

M • 1,123 words • Fortune Telling, Supernatural Elements, Established Relationship, Dark Prophecy, Dark Magic

Day 8 Prompt: Fortune Telling/Dark Prophecies


“She’s a fortune teller, Steve. And she definitely sounds local.”

E • 2,124 words • Mild Dubcon, Fuck or Die, Sex Pollen, Friends to Lovers

Day 9 Prompt: Fuck or Die/Craving.


He only counts the dreams as bad because he’s dreaming about Eddie. And while the Eddie in his dreams is as touch-starved as him, the Eddie in real life is hard for Steve to make eye contact with. When he does, he feels his stomach flip, heat pooling in his groin. And he can’t let it go there. He just can’t. It’s new. It’s weird. It’s a craving.


But he’s figured out one thing.


The nearer Eddie is, the worse it gets.

E • 2,558 words • Transformation, Vampire Steve Harrington, Werewolf Eddie Munson, Blood Drinking, Secret Relationship

Day 10 Prompt: Mask (A world in which masks transform the wearer into the monsters they represent, in both appearance and behavior)/transformation.


Steve smiles when Eddie throws his masked head back and howls, the sound somehow not as grating as all the rest.


He runs his tongue over his teeth. They hurt.


He probably just over flossed.

M • 898 words • Stalking, Obsession

Day 11 Prompt: Photographs/Obsession.


Eddie feels heat crawl up his neck. He coughs and shrugs, toying with the camera strap across his neck.


On impulse, he snaps one of Steve kneeling at the shelves, VHS in hand. His hair catches the light, makes him look golden.

M • 220 words • Mild Suicidal Ideation, the night Eddie died, Self-Esteem Issues

Day 12 Prompt: Portal in Steve’s pool.


This is his least favorite part.

E • 2,763 words • Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Noncon, Mutual Noncon, Dubcon, Ambiguous Historical Setting, A/B/O, Alpha Eddie Munson, Omega Steve Harrington, Ritual Public Sex, Mild Blood and Violence, Hopeful Ending

Day 13 Prompt: Ritual/Mpreg/ A/B/O.


The rate of pregnancy has dropped. Fertility across the continent has been capped at the knees since Steve was a child himself. He was thirteen when the law declared the capture, auction, and breeding of omegas legal to the general public. It was necessary to save humanity.


Steve’s mother stole him away, left his alpha father behind and spent a year on the run living in hovels, little more than holes in the ground. When they were found, he saw his mother die on his father’s orders, and was sold to the first bidder.


He spent years enduring hell. Then he escaped, surviving however he could.


He is twenty now. And when he’d been caught little less than a week prior, he’d been caged and informed no one was to touch him, for he’d already been bought.

E • 941 words • Murder Husbands, Rough Sex, Gossip, Secret Relationship, Drug Use

Day 14 Prompt: Murder/Obsession.

“She hurt you. Embarrassed you.”


Steve holds his eyes. “It doesn’t matter.”


“It used to.”

M • 1,603 words • Seance, Ghosts, Implied Character Death

Day 15 Prompt: Ouija board/Whisper.


He squirms under Steve as Steve kisses him, giggling between smoky and beer-flavored kisses and nips of teeth.


It’s not serious, whatever this thing is between them. But Steve likes it. He likes it a lot. He likes Eddie a lot.


So he’ll roll with it as long as he can.

M • 850 words • Steve in the Upside Down, Time Loop, Blood and Gore

Day 16 Prompt: Time Loop/Fight.


The first time, the portal closes on him. Robin’s is the last face he sees before the glowing edges seal together and leave him looking up into a red, thundering sky.


Steve makes it two days.

M • 126 words • Character Death, Mild Violence

Day 17 Prompt: Eddie is still being hunted by Hawkins PD.


It’s his fault.

M • 317 words • Possession, Mild Blood, Body Horror

Day 18 Prompt: Demonic Possession.


There’s something wrong with Eddie.

M • 1,260 words • Pre-Relationship, Drug Dealing, Paranoia

Day 19 Prompt: Change.


“Don’t drink the water. Whatever you do, don’t drink the town water, man,” Eddie tells him, fingers twisting his nice polo.


Steve shoves him off. “What the fuck, Munson?”

T • 700 words • Pre-Relationship, Amnesia

Day 20 Prompt: No one remembers Eddie except for Steve.


He laughs. “Robin, I mean Eddie, as in Eddie Munson? You know, the guy who almost died trying to give us time to beat Vecna? He saved Dustin’s life?”


He turns, still laughing lightly and sees Robin giving him a blank look in response. She shrugs, clearly apologetic.


“Steve…you went back and got Dustin. Remember?”

M • 1,895 words • Vampire Eddie Munson, Human Steve Harrington, Flirting, Implied Mind Control

Day 21 Prompt: Vampires exist and humans are outlawed from entering their territories unless having received a Golden Invite.


Everyone knows you don’t go to Hawkins. It’s off limits both by federal law and local legend. Of course, the legend came first.


It happened slow, apparently. A man not quite a man took a ship to the new world. A man not quite a man made a name for himself in business best left in the shadows, made a name that others could not ignore, made a name that was mocked as new wealth and revered for the same and that is when he went west. He found towns, small ones. He injected life into them. He made them places of debauchery and sin. He bathed them in red and moved on to the next.


Until he found Hawkins and decided he would stay.


That was over a hundred years ago.


Now, it’s 1988 and Henry Creel was usurped a week ago.


No one knows what comes next now. If the red town licked with hellfire will wipe itself out from conquest, or ambition will simply make a new, worse creature in Creel’s absence.


And just because the government says one thing doesn’t mean another isn’t true.

E • 176 words • Body Horror, Blood and Gore, Torture, Vivisection

Day 22 Prompt: Vivisection.


The doctor cuts.

They heal.

M • 190 words • Night Terrors, Sleep Paralysis, Nightmares

Day 23 Prompt: Night terrors/Sleep paralysis.


“Shh, baby,” Eddie whispers from beside him, warm breath tickling his cheek, fingers delicate on the shell of his ear. “It’s okay. We’re okay.”

E • 301 words • Blood and Gore, Inspired by The Most Dangerous Game

Day 24 Prompt: The Most Dangerous Game.


Steve mouths, stay close.


Eddie nods, shaky and jagged.

E • 742 words • Monster Eddie Munson, Eddie as Kas the Betrayer, Blood and Gore, Vecna Won AU, Dark Eddie Munson, Cannibalism

Day 25 Prompt: Harvest.


A large shadow erupts from behind it, ink in fog, pointed edges materializing into the tips of wings so large and monstrous Steve almost gasps.


It’s something new, this beast. Its wings spread out, casting shade even under the red sliver of moonlight above them. A head lifts from the black void of its center, and when Steve sees its face—


He does gasp then.


It’s Eddie.

M • 483 words • Dreams vs. Reality, Mild Blood, Yearning

Day 26 Prompt: Ghosts/Dreams.


“I wish I never met you,” Eddie tells him.

E • 189 words • Consensual Cannibalism, Blood Drinking, Blood and Gore, Mild Body Horror

Day 27 Prompt: Hunger/Cannibalism.


And with Eddie, it never hurts.

T • 571 words • Memory Loss, Memories, Medical Conditions

Day 28 Prompt: Steve loses his memory piece by piece.


It kept happening. Small things. Setting alarms helped, for a while. Then Steve forgot to set alarms, and Eddie had to do it for him.

M • 131 words • Blood, Dialogue-Only

Day 29 Prompt: Blood stain.


“Feel better?”


“Not really.”

M • 854 words • Necromancy, Mild Blood, Sharing a Bed, Eddie Comes Back Wrong, Third Eye

Day 30 Prompt: Omen/Third eye.


A month after El closes the gate, he opens the door and sees Dustin and Mike standing in front of Eddie Munson.


Who is dead. Who has been dead for over a month.


But here he is, standing upright with life in his eyes, his hands in his pockets.


Dustin’s the first to break the weird silence stretching between the four of them.


“So, funny story.”

M • 652 words • Stalking, Obsession, Letters, Dark Eddie Munson, Past Billy/Steve

Day 31 Prompt: Stalking/Creepy letters in the mail.


Steve puts that one through the shredder in his dad’s office. The last line haunts him for weeks.


I know your secret.


E • 17,314 words • 6/8 chapters • Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Scent Kink, Alpha Eddie Munson, Omega Steve Harrington, Miscommunication, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Mating Rituals, Light Angst, Fluff and Smut, Protective Eddie Munson

Steve’s first real college assignment is to take care of a flour bag baby. With his class partner Eddie Munson, who happens to be an alpha.


Then Eddie snaps his jaw at the other alpha, the sound of teeth hitting teeth ringing between Steve’s ears. And from his vantage point, he swears he sees Eddie’s eyes flash red.


The other alpha’s hands slowly unwind from Eddie’s vest. Eddie bears down until the other cowers. It’s subtle. A tilt of his head in deference. Eddie’s won.


Steve’s mouth waters.


E • 3,755 words • Oneshot, Christmas smut, First Meetings, Eddie is a line cook, Comfort Food, Semi-Public Sex

Eddie wags his pen towards the window. “Nighthawks. It’s a painting. Just, you know. You sort of were giving off this last man in the city kind of vibe.”

T • 2,396 words • Prompt Fill, POV Steve Harrington, Guitars, TBI survivor Steve, Physical Disability, Neurological Disorders, Flirting

When Dr. Owens handed him a card with Munson’s Monstrous Chords scribbled on it, Steve hadn’t expected to be parked in front of the rundown little music shop an hour after the ink had barely dried.


Steve runs his thumb over the name Munson. It was already smeared a little, because he’s impatient. And because his shaky hands are what led him here in the first place.


E • 4,954 words • 1/5 chapters • Modern Era, Eating Disorder, Gun Violence, Substance Abuse, Addiction, Dermatillomania, Virgin Eddie Munson, Complicated Traumatic Grief, PTSD, Coming of Age, Angst with a Happy Ending

Chrissy broke up with Jason a week ago, but agreed to talk when he asked.


Instead, he pulls a gun on her.


And Eddie Munson saves her life.



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M • 3,775 words • Jealousy, Eddie Munson is a Sweetheart, Billy Hargrove Being an Asshole, Alternate Universe – No Upside Down, Billy has a crush on Steve and Eddie

Billy yearns for the days when the only distraction he had to worry about in class was seeing how long it took for Harrington to puff his cheeks out in frustration before finally giving up. The pencil would leave his hand to slap down on the desk as he made eyes at some girl or doodled for the rest of class.


But now the most interesting thing in class is Munson and Billy can’t fucking stand it.


M • 2,473 words • Neil Hargrove POV, Billy Hargrove’s Mother, Character Study, Non-Graphic Violence, before Hawkins, Neil Hargrove is His Own Warning

“Every man hates himself eventually.”